Thursday, July 30, 2009

Outhouses of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Bears do not use outhouses.

Seen on the roadside in St Francis, ME

Long Lake Dam

Chamberlain Bridge two holer.

Perkins Landing, Quebec, Canada

NFCT Interns

Trail Tzar Memorial Crapper
North Hero Island at dawn.

Perhaps the finest outhouse on the trail at Canoe and Co. in Glen Sutton, QC. Clean, running water, electricity, and a fishing net. Thanks to Walter Opuszynski NFCT Czar of Trails for the picture.

Lussier Campsite, Missisquoi river

Nice restrooms at the US customs office but the water is not potable

A two holer on the Dead River in ME.

Hurricane Island, Flaggstaff Lake. A caved in roof and a pit full of debris.